During COVID-19 pandemic, our firm continues "business as usual" under the current circumstances.
Please rest assured that the pandemic generally does not affect our capacity to handle your case. Currently, we are still preparing cases efficiently and effectively following the timeline set in our retainer agreements.

チェン移民法事務所は、職能団体であり、アナーバー、ダラス・フォートワース、ニューヨーク、及びリサーチ・トライアングル・パークに事務所を持つ全米にわたる移民法事務所です。創立以来、当事務所は全米50州の企業、研究機関、及び個人クライアントのI-140移民申請を手掛けてきました。当事務所は移民法のエキスパートであり、特に以下の雇用ベースの移民ビザの分野で立証された成功歴を持っています:EB2-NIW(National Interest Waiver=国益免除)、EB1-A (Alien of Extraordinary Ability=卓越した能力を有する外国人)、EB1-B(Outstanding Researcher/Professor=傑出した研究家又は教授)、EB1-C(Multinational Executive/Manager=多国籍企業の重役又は管理職者)、及びPERM(労働許可プロセス)を伴うEB-2。






Client Testimonials

Three of my friends who already got green card in EB1 category with the help of Chen immigration recommended me to contact this firm. They gave me free evaluation and approve and refund policy for my EB1B. I don’t know about other firm but I can say that I had a very good experience with Chen immigration. My attorney guided me on every single step and never got irritated even if asked same question several times. I got the answer of all my questions within 24 hours of time. As they promised, they wrote very strong letter of recommendation and drafted my petition within timeline. I was impressed the way they presented my case in the petition and as a results my case got approved in 7 days. I would strongly recommend Chen immigration to anyone trying to get green card under EB1 category. As I heard from my friends and I also experienced that they are the best with impressive team of attorneys. Thank you so much Chen immigration. It would not have been possible without your help. You are doing really good job. Keep it up !
Highly Recommended !!!!

- Dr. S. R., Assistant Professor

It was a privilege to work with Chen immigration attorneys during my NIW I-140 application. They were really professional and kept the deadlines depicted by the client-attorney agreement. They will answer your questions within a day with the maximum clarity. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to apply for a NIW green card. Thanks once again and keep up the good work.

- I. S., Research Scientist

I cannot describe how excited I was when I got to know that my I-140 EB1A application has been approved. This simply could not be true if without the professional help from the North America Immigration Law Group. I don't think that my background conditions were safe for this application. But I knew that their preparation strategy made my case pretty strong. Although the application was long and challenging, it was very nice to work with their team during the whole process period. They impressed me with excellence, professionalism, and highly responsiveness. I do believe that their service is the best one in the immigration business.
Thank you so much for your effort to help me get through the EB1A application. I have recommended and will be happy to continue recommending your professional team to other people who really want to be greened.

- K. J., Electrical Engineer at New York State

My EB1B I-140 got approved within 10 business days. I have worked with Chen Immigration Team from North America Immigration Law Group for 4 months before submitting my application. They were extremely thorough, meticulous and prompt with their service. They drafted all the necessary letters (employment verification, recommendation letters and petition letter) within the agreed timeline. They helped me to choose potential recommenders and were always quick to answer any of my questions. They are very professional and definitely know what they are doing. I will definitely recommend Chen Immigration Team to anyone who is planning to apply for Permanent Residency Status in USA.

- B., Scientist

Many thanks to NAmILG/Chen Immigration for the quality and efficiency of their services. They have always replied very fast to any of my requests or questions. They have provided me with very clear answers and guidelines to navigate the I-140 application process. Their preparation of the file and their drafting of letters were thoroughly thought out and meticulous. I consider they have played a key role in the success of my I-140 application.
I would highly recommend Chen Immigration for their professionalism, honesty, and straightforwardness.

- P. A. M., Postdoctoral fellow

It was an incredible experience working with Chen lawyers. I got my EB1A approved in 10 days. They were so perfect in their work and and took care of every little detail necessary. Very dependable and very friendly to work with. They were very prompt in answering every of my questions; and trust me they have been very kind to have responded to silliest of my doubts and concerns. I strongly recommend them to all my friends. Needless to mention, I am going to work with them for I-485 as well.

- T. K., Research Scientist


Success Stories: A California-based Postdoctoral Researcher from Turkey Engaged in the Field of Computational Biology Receives NIW Approval in 5 Months

Thank you very much again for all your help.

Approved in 150 days

State of Residence: California

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Success Stories: NIW Petition Approved for Graduate Research Assistant in the Field of Mechanical Engineering (48 Citations, 13 Publications)

Thank you again for all your effort.

Approved in 163 days

State of Residence: N/A

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Success Stories: NIW Approved for a Postdoctoral Research Scientist From Spain in the Field of Immunology in 6 Months

I am very satisfied with the work performed by North America Immigration Law Group and the way they put my case together. They were always very responsive and helpful through the whole process. I would definitely recommend them.

Approved in 182 days

State of Residence: New York

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Success Stories: NIW Petition Approved Without RFE for Software Engineer from Malaysia in the Field of Computational Physics

I thank NAImLG for using their encyclopedic knowledge and experience in formulating a robust dossier containing a set of complementary recommendation letters and in filling my knowledge gaps. Using their experience, they helped me avoid a pitfall in my argument when I was drafting the petition letter. They were patient with my relentless questioning and kept their promise in answering within a day, even during challenging times. They were also flexible when I had to switch recommenders. NAImLG also provides detailed FAQs covering board topics of interest. These FAQs are also updated when it is relevant.

Approved in 236 days

State of Residence: California

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Success Stories: NIW Approval for an Assistant Project Scientist from India in the Field of Molecular Biology in Just 3 Months with the Help of Our Comprehensive Petition Packet

I truly appreciate your help.

Approved in 88 days

State of Residence: California

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Success Stories: NIW Approval for a Postdoctoral Fellow from Germany in the Field of Immunology With the Help of NAILG

I wholeheartedly recommend NAILG to anybody seeking legal advise on US visas. I was offered a comprehensive assessment of my case and extensive information on how to best assemble the documentation required. Lawyers patiently responded to my many questions and concerns to help guide me through the entire process.

Approved in 197 days

State of Residence: California

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Success Stories: EB-1A Petition Approved by Texas Service Center for an applicant from India in the Field of Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry

Thank you very much for my case approval. I really appreciate your help and support.

Approved in 117 days

State of Residence: Pennsylvania

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Success Stories: NIW Petition Approved for a Postdoctoral Researcher from Bangladesh in the Field of electrical Engineering with the Help of Our Special Petition Packet

It was a great experience working with Chen group for my EB-2 NIW. The best thing is they are very patient and professional to answer all queries within a couple of days although they deal with a lot of clients. The petition and recommendation letter drafts were very well prepared and did not require any additional editing from my recommendation providers. I requested an expedite process of my I485 filing as there was a future prediction that priority date may not remain current at the beginning of 2020. They took it seriously and within a short notice, made sure that my I485 filing documents reach to NBC before the deadline. I did a semi-concurrent filing (filed I485 before I140 approved) and received green card within 11 months of filing. They also guided me about next steps after green card approval. I am very satisfied with their service and recommend NIW seekers for Chen group.

Approved in 160 days

State of Residence: California

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Success Stories: NIW and I-485 Approved for a Research Scientist from Jordan in the Field of Computer Science with the Help of Our Dedicated Team Work

This is great news! Thank you so much! you are the best!

Approved in 179 days

State of Residence: New York

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Success Stories: NIW Petition Approved for a Researcher from Turkey in the Field of Ecology with the Help of NAILG

Thank you so much for everything and all your support, I truly appreciate it!

Approved in 309 days

State of Residence: Ireland

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Success Stories: Our Firm Helped a Postdoctoral Researcher From Bangladesh Secure NIW Without RFE

It was an extensive journey and thanks a lot for helping me towards achieving this goal.

Approved in 501 days

State of Residence: Florida

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Success Stories: We Helped a Postdoctoral Researcher in Massachusetts in the Field of Molecular Biology to Secure an EB-1A, Without RFE

I would like to thank you and your team for the support and answering my questions with patience.

Approved in 330 days

State of Residence: Massachusetts

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Success Stories: We Helped a Ph.D. Student in the Field of Computer Science Secure NIW Petition Approval in Less than 6 Months

Thank you for all your efforts towards preparing a strong case for me.

Approved in 171 days

State of Residence: California

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Success Stories: Our Firm, NAILG Helped an Iranian Geotechnical Engineer Secure NIW Without RFE

They are very helpful with the case preparation as what documents are needed and how they should be written/filled out. They make the entire process much quicker and easier.

Approved in 191 days

State of Residence: N/A

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Success Stories: NAILG Helped an Iranian Ph.D. Student to Achieve His Dreams with NIW Approval in Less than 6 Months

I would like to thank my lawyer for her help with my I140 application.

Approved in 179 days

State of Residence: Washington

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